tibetan warrior documentary
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Tibetan Warrior

documentary on how to fight for freedom


Genre: political and social issue
Length: 85 min. / 50 min.
Cast: Loten Namling, Dalai Lama
Shooting locations: Switzerland, North India, USA

Director/Author: Dodo Hunziker
Producer: Urs Schnell
Camera: Pierre Reischer
Music: Franz Treichler / Young Gods
Soundmixing: Peter von Siebenthal

Status of production: in post-production
Release: Fall 2014

Production company:
DokLab GmbH
Gerberngasse 34 a
CH-3011 Bern – Switzerland
Tel. +41 31 508 05 58

Co-production with Swiss television SRF



For more than sixty years the Tibetan people have been fighting Chinese oppression of their language, religion and culture. But the non violent resistance appears to generate no effect. In the current situation of deep depression a new method of protest is rising. Tibetans are pouring gasoline over their bodies, setting themselves on fire.

The endless political and human conflict, the anger and the hopelessness of the Tibetans is to be reflected in the struggle of one man: Loten Namling – an exile-Tibetan, artist and musician who occasionally performs for the Dalai Lama. Loten is heavily disturbed by the dozens of self immolation in his homeland. With a black coffin and his lute the fifty year old is taking on a long and spirited journey to raise awareness of the situation. His main question: how to fight for freedom?